5 Amazing Honeymoon Destinations For Newly-Wed Couples

A wedding is usually followed by a honeymoon. It is every couple’s dream to go to a beautiful place for their honeymoon. There are many beautiful places you can choose according to your budget and preference. Here are some places we suggest.

Greek Islands

The newlyweds often seek a romantic destination, and the Greek Islands are just that. Greece is a place of mesmerizing beauty. With its rich history and culture, you will have an incredible experience here. There are many beautiful sites to visit. Nights in Athens can be exciting too.


You will love the castles and green fields of Ireland. You can even spend a night at the castle instead of a hotel. For a romantic date, you can go to the Dublin theatre. Belfast’s club is also a great place to spend your evening dancing to the great music.

Stockholm, Sweden

You can enjoy delicious food here. The Swedish history and natural beauty will make you feel at the top of the world. You can take a walk through the alleys and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Puglia, Italy

It is a breathtaking place, and you will love the beaches there. The jasmine trees and the olive groves make the place more beautiful. You can visit the luxurious traditional villages there and enjoy the lovely city as well.

Ibiza, Portugal

If you are looking for a quiet place for your honeymoon, then you should head towards Ibiza. The beaches here are wonderful, and you won’t have to face the uncomfortable crowd here. You will enjoy the natural beauty and seafood as well.


If you love water, then you should go to the Maldives. It’s absolute heaven with the greenish-blue water, palm trees, and landscape. There are many bungalows on the water, and you can spend a romantic night there. You can visit the restaurant under the sea. It’s an exotic experience to have dinner while the shark swims above you.

You need to book accommodation and flights early for your honeymoon. These are popular tourist destinations, and the tourists visit these places throughout the year.